A Message from the Managing Partners

Connecting the strength of people through Art


It is by this belief that a few stakeholders were drawn to each other and have decided to join their efforts to create AvestArt; an Art management company that brings forth emerging and established visual artists from various parts of the world, mainly from Armenia, Iran and Georgia and introduces them to the European and US market at large.

We all agree: Art has many facets; it can be expressed through paintings, drawings, installations, sculptures, photography, dance, music, writing, singing or even modern means, such as graphic design to say the least. However, it seems important to mention that what these various art forms have in common is their respective ultimate goal; namely to express sentiments, passion, a school of thought or even love and be understood in return by the right audience.

The Artists we have the honor to represent and introduce to you have each their own stories to tell. Whether established or emerging Artists, they have a message to pass along; and, at AvestArt, we thrive to ensure just that: that their message is channeled through to the right recipient.


Managing Partners